Natural Jojoba oil solid makeup remover Discover our gentle makeup remover and face cleanser which removes impurities and nourishes your skin, leaving it soft and soothed. Handmade by Comme Avant, using traditional methods.

Our makeup remover is certified

natural makeup remover

A gentle but efficient cleanser

Our makeup remover composition

Our makeup remover composition

Jojoba virtues

Jojoba virtues

jojoba oil

A cleanser of natural origin

How to use our makeup remover

How to use our makeup remover?

What they don’t tell you about industrial cleansers

What they don’t tell you about industrial cleansers

zero waste makeup remover

More than just an oil

natural makeup remover

Economic and eco-friendly

A few mistakes to avoid when removing your makeup

Each time you remove your makeup, you liberate your skin from makeup, impurities, and pollution.

Here are a few tips to remember when removing your makeup:

- Don’t forget to wash your hands before removing your makeup to avoid bacterial contaminations or simply spots.

- Don’t forget our makeup remover is solid and therefore concentrated. Wait until a white layer appears when rubbing our makeup remover and use this white cream on your face, a small amount is ample.

- Don’t forget, even if you wear waterproof mascara, don’t rub too much nor too hard. If necessary, gently and carefully go over once again around your eyes where the skin is very sensitive.

- Don’t forget you can use a wipe to make it easier and more efficient in order to rub less (perfect for sensitive skin).

- Don’t forget to always start with your eyes, which often have more makeup, and then do your skin. This will avoid going over several times.

- Don’t forget parts of the face like the neck or the lips. Even if these areas don’t have any makeup, perspiration and pollution are still present.

- Don’t forget our makeup remover both cleans and removes makeup at the same time so you can stop using any other makeup removers or cleansers.

- If your skin tends to be dry, don’t forget to moisturise

We hope these tips will help you use our makeup remover and take care of your skin.

Frequently asked questions

How can the makeup remover bar be cut?
The makeup remover can be cut using a bread knife (or a guitar string). The 240g bar can be cut into 4 pieces, and the 120g half-bar into 2 pieces.

How to store the makeup remover?
To store our makeup remover, we recommend either placing it on a soap holder or storing it in a sterilised glass jar. Make sure it isn't in contact with water to avoid it melting too quickly.

Can the makeup remover be used on eyes?
Our solid makeup remover has been tested in a lab under dermatological control and can be used to cleanse the face and the eyes. Our makeup remover has only four ingredients, none of them being a risk for eyes. The eyes and their contour are sensitive zones, don’t rub too hard and from left to right (or the opposite) as this tends to irritate the eyelid.

Why use our makeup remover instead of a vegetable oil?
It’s true, vegetable oil is enough to remove makeup, but it’s still necessary to clean your face afterwards. Our solid makeup remover removes makeup while cleaning your skin, and unlike oil, it won’t leave your skin greasy after meaning less products on your skin. Its format will also help you avoid buying plastic bottles, often used for vegetable oils.

How to use our makeup remover?
To use our makeup remover, you simply need to run it under warm water and rub it between your hands until a white layer appears. With a reusable makeup remover wipe or simply your hands, use this white cream to remove your makeup as you usually would. A small quantity is enough and don't forget to only use the white cream. You can wet your face beforehand or you can also use it straight in the shower. To properly remove your makeup, do delicate circular movements. For the eyes, gently rub your eyelids and lashes, the makeup will come off easily. Finish by rinsing your face with warm water. With a towel or a wipe, rinse your face with a bit of water to remover any excess. Don't forget to wash your hands before using the makeup remover and to rinse the product after having used it.

How to remove makeup naturally?
To remove makeup naturally, it is recommended to use vegetable oils or greasy substances. To remove the greasy feeling on your skin afterwards, you can wash your face with soap. Our solid makeup remover offer an "all-in-one" solution as it removes makeup and cleans your skin at the same time. It comes in a solid format to avoid single-use containers in your bathroom.

Which soap can be used to remove makeup?
You can use our olive oil soap in addition to our makeup remover. As our soap stings your eyes, you can use it to remove makeup on your face and not the eyes.

Tests carried out on our makeup remover

Our products are made in France (Marseille) in line with the current French norms. Comme Avant focuses on transparency, quality, and customer respect. This is why we clearly display the tests we have carried on our products. 

Use tests carried out on our makeup remover