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Natural T-shirt made from Linen Discover our t-shirts made from organic linen, handmade in an ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable way in Marseille. A GOTS-certified French linen.

A complete transparency

No professional models, no artificial lighting, no touch up or artifice. Our photos are as beautiful, natural, sincere, and authentic as our models. Thanks to our team for taking part 🙏

With your support, we are convinced that Comme Avant is much more than just a cosmetic company. A way of living which will lead us to new horizons.

We hope you will appreciate this new project, just as much as we do.

A t-shirt made in France

It is no secret that the textile industry is one of the world’s most polluting industry. The distances travelled to produce a t-shirt from start to finish are irrational and we still throw several million tones of clothes away each year.

The negative impact of this industry on the environment is huge and contributes massively to climate change.

Fast-fashion brands produce more collections than what we are able to wear. Prices are very attractive and push consumer to buy more, at the detriment of the quality and the product’s manufacturing conditions.

What if the solution was simply to slow down and replace ethic at the heart of our approach. To buy quality clothing that last throughout time, as universal and timeless in style as possible, going through seasons and years smoothly, without planned obsolescence.

A happy encounter

Nothing superfluous, just the essentiel

A handcrafted and sustainable production

A timeless t-shirt

A universal fashion

Teddy is wearing the men's whitewashed linen t-shirt and Manon the women's natural linen t-shirt.

Follow our size guide to choose your size

Please check our size guide in which we have put a lot of information to help you choose the right size to fit your morphology. All measurements are written in cm.

If you're hesitating between two sizes, we would recommend choosing the biggest size as during the first wash, linen shrink on average of 5%. For the women's t-shirt, if you're in between two sizes and you're looking for a more adjusted fit, we recommend choosing the smaller one. 

In case of a size problem or a default, you simply need to contact our customer service team to receive a free return label and get a refund or an exchange.

Natural raw materials


Deux modèles de t-shirt en lin naturel

Let’s be honest and accurate on our raw materials. You deserve this.

Fabric :

- White linen, 100% organic, GOTS-certified, whitewashed using hydrogen peroxide (thread oxygenation without solvent or heavy metals), no colouring.
- Natural linen, 100% organic, GOTS-certified, no thread treating, no colouring.

Origin : linen cultivated in Normandie (France), threaded in Poland, and knitted in Germany.
Flax spinning mills don’t exist in France anymore, a reopening project is ongoing and should emerge in 2020. Once this will be available, we will make sure that this production step becomes French.

Thread :

- Ecru thread : 100% organic and GOTS-certified cotton.
- Beige thread : 100% organic and GOTS-certified cotton.

Origin : cotton cultivated in Egypt and threaded in the Netherlands.

Bias :

- 100% organic and GOTS-certified cotton.

Origin : cotton cultivated, woven, and threaded in Turkey. Bias manufactured in France. 

Label :

- 100% organic and GOTS-certified cotton

Origin : cotton threaded in Italy, labels manufactured and printed in France.

GOTS-certified fabrics

Fair-priced craftwork

A minimalist packaging

Cleaning advice

Our t-shirt is biodegradable