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Our organic waste

At Comme Avant, we do all we can to reduce our waste, and this even in intern ! 

Our team now counts over 30 people, and during lunch breaks, this can create a lot of waste…

Recycling and waste sorting is already in place but we hadn’t done anything for organic waste. This waste could go into the household rubbish bin, but we’ve found a better solution. 

A vermicompost has now been made available to the whole team ! In it, we can put for example our fruit & veg peelings, eggs shells, and even coffee ground. 

Then it’s the earthworms’ turn to take action.
Vermicomposts have many benefits : they limit bad smells coming out from household rubbish bins, cut by half our bins and limit the amount of waste sent to incinerators.

Well balanced, meaning with an input of 60% of grey (dry matter: paper, kraft, cardboard, etc.) and 40% of green (organic waste input), our vermicompost isn’t full of beasties and doesn’t smell ! 

Thanks to this, together we have managed to transform our kitchen waste into a useful element for our veggie patch, all this in an urban environment.

There are many types of compost bins. Whether you live in town on in the countryside, there’s always a solution. To chose the best alternative for you, get more information by visiting a garden shop !