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Our Story Comme Avant

Here’s our little family: Sophie the mum, Nil the dad, Nael our first son, and Joan the second. 👪

When Sophie was pregnant with Nael, we looked for ways to improve our diet and reduce the presence of endocrine disruptors in our environment, for our baby’s wellbeing, but also ours.

After Nael’s birth, we tried to find ways to wash him without damaging his sensitive skin. The organic washing lotions we first used seemed safe but soon after rashes and skin irritations appeared on his hands, legs, and feet. We then looked into more natural solutions. 🌱

But we had trouble finding proper, reliable soaps without any shady ingredients. So we started looking into soap making. It was an eye-opener, what would be better than making our own soap to be sure of its ingredients and what goes on our skin each day! 🧼

After some weeks of research and testing, we found a simple formula solely based on organic olive oil.

our story - olive oil soap

Our friends and family were impressed and encouraged us to get started. Their support led us to create our online shop "Comme Avant" (which means Back to Basics). This was a great way for us to share our story and offer a simple and transparent alternative to those who wanted to turn towards wholesome products. 

Today we offer other cosmetic products, all as simple, natural, and efficient. With a maximum of four ingredients, free from colourants and preservatives, certified Cosmos and Vegan. 

We have also started making our own clothes, to offer you products which are safe, natural, and made to last. Clothes which are both as universal and timeless as possible, to wear for many seasons and years. 

Comme Avant clothing

A philosophy of consuming less and better to reduce anything unnecessary and focusing on what is fundamental. We produce in full transparency, without any taboos, and continuously improve our products and reduce our waste. ♻

Our ideas go beyond our eco-friendly products. Our whole company aspires to the same values for our wellbeing and the planet. We are trying to create a social and fair business, by paying our partners and our employees at fair value for their work.

We also invest in philanthropical and non-lucrative projects. With our Comme Avant Fund, we buy and rehabilitate land to protect biodiversity. 🐝

We are still a small family-run business, but we keep on growing staying true to our principles. We are independent and focus on the environment before profit. We feel free to go against the flow, for our planet and future generations. 

When we started, we were only five making and packing your orders. Thanks to you the Comme Avant team has grown and we’re now 50!

Comme Avant is an unconventional company and a human adventure, both imperfect, participating at its own level to an ecological transition. 🌳