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Our Story


Here’s our little family: Nil (dad), Sophie (mum), and Nael (our baby).

When Sophie was pregnant with Nael, we spent a lot of time looking for ways to improve our diet and trying not to use as many things that could disturb our own and future baby’s hormonal balance, wellbeing, and health.

After Nael’s birth, we quickly tried to find ways to wash him without damaging his sensitive skin. The organic washing lotions we used seemed healthy but quite quickly his skin became irritated and painful. We wanted to try soaps and creams that we thought were more natural like Marseille soap or Aleppo soap. Having trouble finding proper, reliable soaps without any shady ingredients, the idea of manufacturing our own soap started to seem more and more appealing. It was an eye-opener, what would be better than making our own soap? That way we would always be sure about the ingredient list. 

After a few weeks of research and testing, we found a simple formula based solely on olive oil, which immediately convinced us - and quickly won over our friends and family. Our natural soap reduced Nael's rashes and we stopped applying any additional moisturising creams, as his skin was perfectly soft and moisturising by using our own soap.


Our friends and family encouraged us to share our findings with all those who want to turn to healthy and simple products. That's when we created our online shop "Comme Avant" (which means Back to Basics in English) with a handmade natural soap whose components are safe for all skin types. We hope that you’ll enjoy our natural soap made out of 100% organic olive oil as much as we do!

A simple philosophy was born "to recreate the products that our ancestor would make and use, those that were simple and effective" and that’s how our shop « Comme Avant » began.

Our ideas aren’t limited to our eco-friendly products. Our whole team and business have the same values and aspire to contribute and help protect the environment.

The thing that matters the most to us is that future generations realise how important the environment is and how to work without harming our Planet. We are proud to be part of the transition towards a healthier planet.


When we started we were only four to make and packing your orders. Thank you to all our customers that really appreciate and trust our products. Thanks to you the Comme Avant team has really grown and we’re now 30 !