Natural Shea Butter Cream Bar Discover our balm made with shea butter and olive oil. This multipurpose moisturising cream, handmade by Comme Avant, is perfect for all types of skin and has many virtues.

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Comme Avant shea butter cream

A multipurpose cream

Handmade cream bar

A handmade cream bar

cream bar

A balm bringing us back to basics

Cream composition

Our cream composition

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It is really easy to use. Our cream melts when in contact with skin (more precisely the heat of your skin), just rub it between your hands and gently apply it on your skin or your hair. Since our cream is particularly concentrated, a small quantity is enough, even for dry skin.

Don't leave the cream in a heated room, in contact with water, near a radiator, or in direct sunlight, it may soften or melt. You can place it in a pouch, a small wooden holder, or even in a small glass jar.

Here are different ways you can use our cream: 

Face and body: on clean skin, preferably when you have just showered, when your skin is still a little warm, slide the cream bar gently on your skin, then rub it in.

Babies: hold the cream bar in your hands and wait until it has softened a little, then gently rub the cream on your hands on your baby's nappy area or skin.

After shaving, hair removal, or a scrub: apply a little bit of cream on the shaved area to soothe your skin. 

Aftersun: if the skin is very burnt but not painful, melt a small amount of cream in a Bain Marie and add a little olive oil. When the mix is at room temperature, apply on the area just like oil. Please note that this isn't sun protection against UVs.

For nails: to strengthen your nails, feed and protect them, delicately massage your nails and cuticles with our cream.

Bath ball: in a hot bath, put a little piece of the cream bar and let it melt. Your bath water will moisturise your skin and protect it.

Hands: apply the cream on the back of the hand and on each finger and rub your hands.

Lip balm: apply the cream like a lipstick. Top tip, we always keep a little piece in a pouch in our bag or our ski jacket.

Hair wax and hair care: gently put the cream on your hair to style it the way you want. The more you put in and the shinier they will be.

Care for hair ends: to nourish your hair, apply some cream on the tips of your hair for 10 or 20 minutes or even a whole night before your shampoo. This will avoid split ends and prevent your hair from getting dry.

Beard wax or balm: gently put some cream on your beard and rub it in. It will protect and nourish your beard. It will also help you comb your hair.

Massage oil: melt a piece of cream with vegetable oil (the one that suits you best), then rub it on your body.

How to use our cream bar

Frequently asked questions

How to cut the creme bar or half-bar?
The cream bar can be delicately cut with a bread knife (or a guitar string). You can cut the half-bar into 2 or 3 pieces and the bar into 4 or 5 pieces.

How to store the cream?
To store the cream, we recommend putting it in a sterilised hermetic glass jar, a jam jar type for example, so that it doesn’t dry out and harden.

How to use the cream?
To easily apply our cream, warm it up in your hands by rubbing it between your palms for a few seconds. When it starts melting, you can gently apply the excess cream on your skin or hair.

How to make a cream bar?
To make our shea butter cream bar, we mix different fat components (olive oil and shea butter), as well as wax and corn starch to obtain a solid texture. The mix isn't heated too much so that the ingredients can keep all their properties.

Can this cream be used as face cream?
To use it on your face, we recommend using creams with non-comedogenic ingredients such as oil or butter which tend to block the skin's pores. Coco oil is known for being comedogenic, whereas olive oil isn't a comedogenic oil. Then, according to your skin's needs, you need to adapt with aqueous or oily cream.

Tests carried out on our cream

Our products are made in France (Marseille) in line with the current French norms. Comme Avant focuses on transparency, quality, and customer respect. This is why we clearly display the tests we have carried on our products. 

Use tests carried out on our cream