The COSMOS Label

COSMOS is a label that certifies the organic or natural aspects of a product. 🌿✔

It’s the result of a collaboration between five very important organic organisations, they are experienced since they’ve existed for quite a long time now.

BDIH 🇩🇪, Cosmebio 🇫🇷, ECOCERT 🇫🇷, ICEA 🇮🇹 and Soil Association 🇬🇧.

In the interest of consumers and businesses, they decided to standardise their charters thus making a single, easier to understand, fairer and trustworthy European label. 🇪🇺

There are two COSMOS labels:

  • COSMOS natural: this label certifies that the ingredients in the product are natural.
  • COSMOS Organic: this label certifies that the ingredients in the product are organic. The perrcentage of organic ingredients needs to be indicated.




The COSMOS label is renowned in Europe and consumers trust it because it’s demanding and reliable.

To be certified you need to meet a large amount of detailed requirements. Here are some of the main requirements:

 The provenance of the ingredients and how they are processed: the processing has to be minimal and has to respect the green Chemistry guidelines. 

▪ The products' composition: the product has to contain a certain amount of organic ingredients to be COSMOS Organic certified.

 The storage, making process, and packaging needs to have a responsible and respectful waste management system.

 Labelling and communication: the company commits to giving the consumer all necessary information and not mislead its customers.


Every year COSMOS checks to see if they renew or not the certification of a product. This keeps companies on their toes and makes sure the legitimacy and quality of the label are upheld. 🔍

For example, during one of these checks, the number of raw materials bought and check against the quantity produced. This enables to assure that a brand isn't only buying a small amount of organic material and then mixing it to another non-organic raw material. 

We decided to get the quality of our products certified to reassure skeptics. This logo on our products is a powerful argument for our little business to convince and seduce. 

We are proud that we managed to get this label, it took a lot of time and effort and really feels like a great reward after all the work we put in throughout every stage. 😁 

You can find the COSMOS standards here.