The Slow Cosmétique label


What is the Slow Cosmétique label ?

Slow Cosmétique is an organisation that supports and promotes a natural, healthy, and simple ways of using cosmetics. It’s based around the « consume less but better » principle that comes from the books written by Julien Kaibeck.

They want to stop companies from « greenwashing » : a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization's products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly. 🌳

This label has four key areas :

  • The environment : natural and organic ingredients are to be prioritised. No synthetic chemicals, petrochemicals, animal abuse or any ingredients that potentially pollute the planet.
  • Smart cosmetics : cosmetics that match the « consume less but better » principle, that are efficient and respect your skin.
  • Ethical cosmetics : cosmetics that respect all living things, animal, vegetal, and human.
  • Raisonable marketing : no greenwashing or lies to make a company seem eco-responsible. They promote an ethical business plan and realistic promises 


There are many environmental associations and organisations that reward businesses for eco-friendly initiatives.  🏘

But we’re going to explain here why we chose this organisation in particular.

Slow Cosmétique doesn’t just reward a product or an initiative but a lifestyle. The whole business has to respect the environmental and health values set out by the charter. 🌎

We didn’t want to just have a label that looked good for our marketing strategies, to make us look « green ». We wanted a real engagement to show how committed we are to make wholesome, organic ethical cosmetics.



How many stars did we get ?


To be slow Cosmétique certified, you have to meet the criteria from the above mentioned themes.

We received 2 stars. Meaning we meet over 75% of their criteria.

Companies can only receive 3 stars if they make 20% of their ingredients. That’s why it is impossible for us to get 3 stars.

But we are definitely proud of our 2 stars ! ⭐⭐

Slow Cosmétique told us they felt that our company really added value to the Zero Waste segment. We’re bringing products to the market that match their principles and values. 💪

They also really liked how we engage with you, in a transparent manner. Since day one, we have always been very open about everything that goes on here. We want to win and keep your trust.

We don’t use any controversial or potentially harmful ingredients for the environment or for your health. That’s how this whole story started, with Nael, we wanted simple products with safe and few ingredients. 

There are still some things we need to improve. Everyday we are looking for ways to do better and to find the appropriate solutions. The fact that we are always questionning ourselves makes us stronger. We aren’t interested in launching new product variations, we spend our time perfecting the products we already have. It’s part of our « consume less and better » philosophy. 😏