Our manufacturing workshop

Our Comme Avant workshop, in the South of France 

Direction de la société comme avant

All Comme Avant products are made in our workshop at the following address: 14 avenue Emile Zola, 13170 Les Pennes-Mirabeau in France. It's here that everything happens: production, packing, dispatch, and the offices. At the very beginning, we were in Marseille but we had to move end of 2020 as we were lacking space. 


Comme Avant, 14 avenue Emile Zola, 13170 Pennes-Mirabeau, France
Phone: +33 (0)4 84 89 43 18

Please note that our workshop isn't open to the public.

In the office, there's the sales department with the customer service, shop management and sales teams, the admin department, and the communications & marketing department. 

Atelier de fabrication comme avantAll our products are made in our workshop. Cedric, Yassine, and Laurent are in our production room making our olive oil soap. Each room is dedicated to one specific product. We make sure that each team member is trained to all different production methods. 

salle de conditionnement des produits comme avant

The packaging area takes up the most space in the production line. It takes a lot of hands to protect, wrap, manage the stocks. They are the link between the production and dispatch teams to make sure all the products are ready and stored in the right place!

Production textile comme avant

Next is our textile department, a workshop we decided to internalise to offer zero waste textile accessories as well as ethical and sustainable clothing, made with natural raw materials. 

Expedition des colis comme avant

Finally, this is where Jean-Marc and his team dispatch your orders with care. It's the end of the line but still as important as they are the last contact point between you and our products!

Your orders appear on our screen and are prepared with care. One last check is done before closing the parcels and placing the dispatch stickers. 📦

That's the end of the visit of our workshop, where our teams make safe and high-quality products.