Our manufacturing workshop

All Comme Avant products are made in our workshop at the following address: 14 avenue Emile Zola, 13170 Les Pennes-Mirabeau in France. It's here that everything happens: production, packing, dispatch, and the offices. 

At the very beginning, we were in Marseille but we had to move end of 2020 as we were lacking space. 



Comme Avant
14 avenue Emile Zola
13170 Les Pennes-Mirabeau France

Phone number+33 (0)4 84 89 43 18

Please note that our workshop isn’t open to the public.

Guillaume Comme Avant office


In the office, there's the sales department with the customer service, shop management and sales teams, the admin department, and the communications & marketing department. 
Marie in workshop


On the production line Flore, Jennifer, and Jessica make the soap and shampoo. Right beside them, Jean-Marc makes the moisturising cream.

The making process and packaging of the toothpaste and deodorant happens right here. The big machine made out of stainless steel that you can see is for measuring out the perfect amount of powder for each pot.

Powder workshop

The packaging area takes up the most space in the production line. It takes a lot of hands to protect, wrap, manage the stocks and check every product.

Product packing


And last but not least, here is where Jean-Marc and his team get your parcels ready to be sent out.

Package shipment

There you go, that’s what our little world looks like. Sadly, our workspace isn’t open to the public for health and security reasons (ERP and BPF standards). But we are delighted to have you in our shop right next to the manufacturing workshop.