The Vegan Society label

vegan society

The Vegan Society is an English charity founded in 1944. 🌿 Internationally recognised, this certified trademark guarantees that no animal has been implied in a product's manufacturing (neither in the ingredients, nor in the finished product), that no tests have been done on animals, and also certifies the absence of GMOs.
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Since February 2020, our products are registered with the Vegan Trademark who advocate for the respect of animals and their rights.  🐇

We have chosen to avoid all ingredients of animal origin. And this will never change, for ethical and moral reasons.
Nowadays, it isn't necessary to exploit animals to make or test cosmetic products. We are convinced that a different path is possible, to ensure a product is safe to use and to leave animals in peace.

If you are very educated on the matter, we are aware that the law banning animal testing in Europe has its flaws and that some bypass it.  🤬

This is why, we have personally decided to register with the Vegan Society Trademark to fight against animal exploitation.  💪