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Natural Camargue Salt Dishwasher Powder

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  • Dishwasher powder - 1,5kg
  • Certified natural detergent by Ecocert Greenlife
  • Made in our workshop 
  • Cleans and removes grease
  • Makes your dishware shine
  • Can be used for any wash cycle at or over 40°C
  • Easy to dose (1 to 2 tbsp per wash)
  • Universal, can also be used with hard water
  • Four ingredients: citric acid, soda crystals, sodium percarbonate, Camargue salt
  • Free from phosphonates, chlorinated bleaching agents, EDTA, perfume
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Free from colourant, perfume, preservatives
  • Zero waste, free from any plastic protective film
  • pH 10
  • 1,5kg ≈ 60 cycles
  • Economical, last around 4 months at a rate of 1 machine every other day